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Do you know the Numbers?

Do you know the Numbers?

Do you know the Numbers?


The U.S. gives more vaccines than any other country in the world.  Our childhood schedule for a baby's first year has twice as many vaccines (17 shots!) as most other developed countries.

What else do we have?  The highest infant mortality rate of any developed nation.  Finland has the lowest - they only give 11 shots by age 6.

To see more details about the vaccine schedule and infant mortality go to VACCINE FACTS

In the News...

Do you know the Numbers?

Do you know the Numbers?

May 2020:  New research shows that vaccinated children suffer from developmental delays, asthma, and ear infections at higher rates than unvaccinated children.

Apr 2020: Pentagon study shows that the flu shot raises coronavirus risk by 36%

Apr 2020:  Physicians group finds major error in study which FDA uses to approve the amount of aluminum allowed in vaccines.

Jan 2020:  Britain’s leading cancer research charity (Cancer Research UK) reports a steep 54% rise in cervical cancer for 25- to 29-year-olds, the very age group that first received the HPV vaccine. 

Dec 2019: World Health Organization (WHO) scientists state that there has not been adequate safety testing for vaccines, especially for the adjuvants and preservatives that are added to the vaccines. 

Dec 2019:  Vaccine Failure: Whooping Cough closes Texas school despite 100% vaccine rate

Dec 2019:   Could Invisible Ink Tattoos be used to identify kids who are not fully vaccinated? 

Nov 2019:  Vaccine Injury Event draws thousands to Washington DC

weigh the facts - you decide

Vaccines: Friend or Foe?

We constantly hear that vaccines are safe and effective and that there's nothing to worry about.  However, this is simply not true.  

There is ample research that points to rare but serious side-effects like seizures, brain injury and death, as well as milder, but more chronic side-effects like asthma & allergies.  The TRUTH is that vaccines, like any other medical choice, have pros and cons that must be weighed.  Explore VACCINE FACTS  to help make a balanced decision.  

YOUR child YOUR choice

Just as you can decide whether or not to get a flu shot each year, it is your right to choose which vaccines to give your child.  Many diseases are mild, and having the actual disease can confer better life-long immunity.  It's important to understand the risks of the disease vs. the risks of the vaccine.  Vaccines can be delayed using an alternate schedule or skipped all together - it's your decision.  

If Vaccines are so safe, why is there a Vaccine Court?

In 1986 the US government gave pharmaceutical companies immunity from liability for vaccine injuries.  Why was this necessary if vaccines are truly safe?  And why has the special Vaccine Court that was set up to deal with injury cases paid out over $4 Billion thus far?   Learn more HERE



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