Alternative Vaccine Schedules

While most pediatricians prefer to follow the CDC vaccination schedule, some recommend a delayed schedule, and many are OK with skipping vaccines that parents object to.   After reading this website you will likely be better informed about vaccines than your doctor.   Do not feel pressured to let your child get vaccines that you are not comfortable with.   YOU are the best advocate for your child.

 Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thompson conducted an in-practice study which showed that the incidence of autism was reduced to zero for those patients who either followed his delayed schedule or chose not to vaccinate at all.  His patients who chose to follow the CDC schedule had autism rates equal to the national average of 1 in 60.  Here are two options for delayed and/or reduced vaccination schedules:

For Additional Information

There are a number of websites that offer information about vaccines.  The ones listed here are some of the most comprehensive and offer search options on hundreds of topics related to vaccines.