Is the Fox guarding the henhouse?

The CDC, Big Pharma & the Media

The recommended vaccine schedule is set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) whose financial ties to the vaccine industry are well-documented.  The CDC’s involvement with vaccine manufacturers includes patenting, licensing agreements and collaboration on projects to develop new vaccines. In fact, the CDC and its employees hold over 50 profit-generating patents relating to vaccines, a clear conflict of interest.

There also appears to be a “revolving door” between the CDC and various pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps the most notable example is that the head of the CDC from 2002 to 2009, Julie Gerberding, left her government job to go work as president of Merck’s $5 billion global vaccine division.  More recently in January 2018, CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald was forced to resign after it was revealed that she bought tens of thousands of dollars in new stock holdings in companies including Merck, one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the U.S.

The four companies that make virtually all of the recommended vaccines are essentially convicted felons.  Collectively they have paid over $35 billion since 2009 for defrauding regulators, lying to and bribing government officials, falsifying science, and leaving a trail of injuries and deaths from products they knew to be dangerous and sold under pretense of safety and efficacy.  

One might wonder why you never hear any negative facts about vaccines from the media. The answer may be just as simple as “follow the money.”  Pharmaceutical companies spend over $6 billion a year in media advertising and were the top industry segment in TV advertising in 2018 - ahead of both the auto and food industries.  It is understandably in the media’s best interest to be loudly pro-vaccine and pro-pharma.  

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