Stacie & Sam's Story

Stacie wants parents of vaccine injured children to know that they are not alone and hopes that those with healthy children will ask questions about vaccines and trust their instincts.  

Over the past 15+ years, committed to helping her son, Stacie has gained expertise in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the treatments, therapies, medications, and supplements available, ways to navigate the medical and school systems, legal rights and issues, and the latest published research on the ways vaccines have contributed to the epidemic of ASD as well as autoimmune and neurological disorders. She has “been there, done that” and kept meticulous notes on it all.  Stacie and her husband have spent their life savings taking Sam to medical specialists, trying therapies, medicines, supplements, and attempting diets. While some protocols brought relief and they have found best practices to make daily life much better, Sam’s injury is so severe, that at 17 years old he still requires full time care. 

There was no widely used social media when Sam regressed, and, at the time, Stacie didn’t realize that his was the same story that thousands of parents world-wide were experiencing. And, like all those other heartbroken parents, it was undeniable to Stacie and her husband that the vaccines were what caused their healthy child to “disappear”. They had witnessed it, medical documentation prior to the shots proved it, and her journaling had confirmed the exact timing of his regression. 

Once smart phones and social media became popularized, Stacie began to meet hundreds of other parents in her same situation. Groups formed, and Stacie volunteered to be a voice for help and change. She became very active in the Texans For Vaccine Choice movement and was interviewed on the VAXXED bus by Polly Tommey. Together, she and Sam signed the bus as #343.

Here in Stacie’s words are the details to her family’s journey with ASD: 

Before my son was labeled with ASD I journaled. I journaled everyday what he did and a prayer for both of my precious gifts from God, my two children. My journal revealed the truth to me more so than my recollections of what I thought happened.  When we received the official label of ASD my husband and I already knew the truth because of my diary. Our son Sam disappeared right before our eyes within a six month time period.  By two years old my son had lost all emerging speech, eye contact, began obsessive behaviors and his bowel movements became a mushy puddle of fecal matter laced with white rice looking objects.

What was the immediate response of our doctors? At eighteen months old our pediatrician decided we wait until two years old to check his hearing and insisted our observations that the series of vaccinations (Varicella and MMR) caused his disappearance and severe gut issues were totally not possible. We left and never returned. 

Then came the referral to a Developmental Pediatrician. At two years and eight months this doctor insisted his Autism was 100% genetic and that we begin forty hours a week of ABA therapy. At the time our son was receiving PPCD through the public school, so 40 hours a week of ABA was not physically possible, but we did eighteen hours a week. We did this for three years with the ABA therapist commenting “oh, I am confident he will talk.” The therapist and us were hopeful, but unfortunately for us it did not happen with Sam.

In the five years to come we did many therapies and treatments which included, but were not limited to, vitamin B12 injections, IV EDTA chelation treatments, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, genome testing, hundreds of supplements, blood tests, urine tests, five different diets and much more. Most of these had positive immediate results, but nothing long term. It was costly and difficult to know which treatment helped, but for certain targeting the gut issues helped the most.

At around the age of twelve his obsessiveness began to raise its ugly head into self-abusive head beating and hand biting. After a trip to the emergency room we were referred to a Neurologist. We tried six SSRI drugs over a nine-month period of time that made him beyond crazy.  Afterwards, we studied my notes and went back to working on his diet and gut which has always had the best results. From twelve to the present time (17), we have managed Sam with rotating a limited amount of foods, supplements and have kept him in an extremely structured environment, which reduces his self-abusive behaviors.

Sam is our beloved child that we want the best outcome possible for and will continue to research and pray for daily.  My son will outlive my husband and I, most likely, and my heart’s desire is to find or develop a long term plan to care for my sweet son who will not be capable of caring for himself.

So, what is my role in this movement? I hope to point parents to truth and to trust their instincts as to what is best for their children. MY CHILD WAS VACCINE INJURED, I’M FIGHTING FOR YOURS!